The Tallest Flower // VideoTapes

Out now on Hilo Lohi, Innovative alt R&B duo VideoTapes release their debut single ‘The Tallest Flower’.
Comprising top-ten singer song-writer Anna Pancaldi and award-winning producer, Oliver Price the pair were match-made by visual artist and print designer, Lisa King.
Lisa, commissioned the duo to create a poignant piece of music for a forthcoming video project that showcases her work with inks and movement, featuring a few of Lisa’s muses: some of London’s finest dancers and choreographers.
Anna and Oliver effortlessly clicked, and the collaboration snowballed.
“Very quickly the song became about Lisa”, says Anna…”We both know her so well and she’s such an inspiration having become a mother herself this year, after losing her own to cancer’
‘We wanted to write a worthy tribute to the strong matriarchal force in Lisa’s life”, continues Oliver, ‘in honour of her mother and for Lisa too’.
The Tallest Flower blossoms from a vintage hustle dance groove, into a cinematic neo-soul with production as rich in strings as it is in emotions. Anna’s vocals are deep and affecting, describing a dance with one’s ancestors into an unknown future.
The final touching detail, the song’s release date the 25th March 2022, was intentionally scheduled just in time for Mother’s Day in the UK.